Bring the experience home - Sleep tight every night

Comwell offers a wide selection of luxurious natural, foam, and fiber pillows, ensuring a good night's sleep. 

You can review our selection on this page, which describes the purpose and advantage of each pillow.

When you have selected the pillow that suits you best, contact the reception desk, and we will be ready with the selected pillow to borrow during your stay.

After popular demand all the pillows in our pillow program can now be purchased - simply ask at the reception desk.

Sleep tight!


  PURE & CARE – DKK 799,-

Hypoallergenic pillow approved by te Danish Asthma & Allergy Association. There is 90% duck down in this model, resulting in a formable pillow, which adjusts better to the head and neck, providing the best possible sleep. The casing is 100% cotton making the pillow feel luxurious.
  DREAMER – DKK 549,-

the Kronborg Dream pillow is a luxurious 4 chamber pillow, providing better support of the neck. The is filled with down along the edges and feathers in the center. The feathers in the middle provide support, while the down edges provide the soft down feeling you anticipate. the pillow forms well to the neck and ensures a good night's sleep, no matter how you lay throughout the night.

Anatomic pillow. This pillow has been developed in cooperation with Chiropractor Marianne Keyser - and is designed to provide optimal support for the neck and back. The pillow is filled with all natural material in the form of down and feather, which have been carefully measured to obtain the perfect balance. 

Kings Mountain Wellpur pillow is made of memory foam, which provides optimal support for the neck and shoulders, so you avoid tension. The pillow is made with cooling gel ensuring a comfortable night sleep. The pillow is Øko-tex certified, the world's leading health certification of textiles.
  LAKE TAHOE – DKK 399,-

Lake Tahoe Wellpur pillow is made iwth memory foam, providing optimal support of the neck and shoulders, so you avoid tension. One side of the pillow is thicker than the other, allowing you to determine the thickness you prefer. The pillow is Øko-tex certified, the world's leading health certification of textiles.
  HOTEL LUX – DKK 199,-

A fiber pillow with double box edges, making the pillow feel fuller and hold its form longer. Provides excellent support for the head and neck. The pillow has a medium thickness so it easily conforms to you.