CSR og Miljø Comwell Aarhus

Environmental Policy and CSR

At Comwell Aarhus we are active with the environment. 

It is our goal that Comwell Aarhus is recognized, by employees, guests, and authorities, as an environmentally conscious hotel.

Our goal is to:

  • Influence the opinions as well as behavior of everyone at the hotel. 
  • Use electricity, water, and raw materials wisely and environmentally correct.  
  • Offer services that allow our guests to purchase solutions with the degree of environmental friendliness they desire. 

We will achieve this by:

  • Involving, inspiring, and educating employees.
  • Advise our partners and customers.
  • Work together with other businesses and suppliers that think green.
  • Change the functions at the hotel with the largest environmental impact.

Environmental Leadership

Comwell Aarhus’ environmental work is coordinated by an environmental committee that creates the overall agenda and approves initiatives/action plans. 


Comwell Aarhus is certified by Green Key