teambuilding i aarhus på hotel

Teambuilding at Comwell Aarhus

With Comwell Aarhus' central location in Aarhus city center is a wealth of opportunities for team building activities that can provide a good common experience while challenging you as a team, and every individual in a variety of activities that strengthen your cooperation and create new joint successes.

For activities with a social character, Comwell Aarhus is offering:

  • Shake a drink
  • Walk & Talk to the Aarhus city center
  • BBQ event on our large terrace
  • Beer, wine or Champagne Tasting
Please call tel: 8672 8041 for further information.

Teambuilding with CoastZone

We have entered into a cooperation with CoastZone - with more than 11 years of experience they are one of Denmark's largest distributors of teambuilding services. During teambuilding with CoastZone you will have fun during your breaks from your meeting, giving the participants positive common experiences. 

The primary base for activities is outdoors, but depending on the season and disposition, most of our activities can be moved indoors, or be completed as a combination of indoor and outdoor activity.

Read more about the various activities offered by CoastZone.

For more information contact: 

Tel: 7077 0077